Dissociative Identity Disorder, in my opinion, is not a disorder but a gift. It means that multiple personalities, or people, live inside one body. Some of them are children, some of them are teens, some of them are adults, some of them are angry, some of them are scared, and some of them are happy, but they are more than just moods, they have their own identities and range of emotions, and thoughts, and likes, and dislikes, and personalities. Each of them is special and unique in its own way, even the so-called “darks.” No system is the same. A system is made up of all the personalities, but no system is the same. We all are unique in our own ways. This is our system…

Dissociative Identity Disorder

What’s something most people don’t



Most people don’t understand my disociative Identify Disorder. I have multiple people or personalities living inside me and only a few people in my life know about and understand that. I wish more people would understand. The thing is, it’s very easy for me to understand. It’s something I have lived with my whole life. But if I haven’t, the concept will still be something I understand. Most people are just ignorant about the idea. I hope more people will learn.

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